#MFW 2

Hi Everyone,

had some problems with my blog but resolved it...pffff..so 
here finally part 2 of my MFW...
love B


I took it a bit easy in the morning and then got ready to go to the Leitmotiv show..Here in the photo with the 2 Leitmotiv designers Fabio Sasso and Juan Caro...

After the show I went to one of my favorite showrooms to look at the upcoming accesories for next summer: Massimo Bonini. Where I had a chance to see the new collections of some great shoe brands and amazing bags.I can't wait;) In the pic below the display of Gedebe, a brand that I adore and use very often. 

Then me and Justine (whom I met at the Leitmotiv show, which is also the reason we were both dressed in a similar way) were off to Borsalino.Where obviously we had some great laughs...

After Borsalino we passed by the L'ed emotion presentation..These great bags have led lights inside their bags and they charge your phone when needed...Brilliant:)Here in the photo with the designer Sara Giunti.

Then we crossed all over town to get to the Gianluca Capannolo show...He has absolutey amazing pieces and I was thrilled to see that his new collection has pois....LOVEEEEEE...Me and Justine aka skipper took a crazy selfie and then quickly changed to go to the next show..

The next show was Gabriele Colangelo's show..Unfortunately i donnot have any pictures 'cause we arrived just in time..Anyway it was a great show..and Justine took the standing shot of me right after the show..Then back in the car and off to the Marco Bologna presentation..I absolutely love what these young guys do.Marco Giulgliano and Nicola Bologna.....Their collection rocks and is very much my style..

After that back in the car and off to see some great friends and the presentation of one of my favorite brands at the moment....Amen..I love their new couture collection...the work that went into these dresses is absolutely stunning.Can't wait to have the occasion to wear one of them..Here a selfie with the talented english designer of the brand, James Gardner...love him...It was a great day but was happy to go home and kick of my heels ...


The 5th day started with the Alberto Zambelli show at 9:30 in the morning....Of course I met up with my buddy in crime Justine...Federica Torti was there as well....I really really liked his new collection, especially the white shirts with the high collar..

after the show we had a nice second breakfast before heading on to the next show.  It was the show of 2 new portuguese designers..Carlos Gill and Miguel Vieira..ofcourse my favorite pieces where the stripey ones..After the show they organised a lunch for everybody, and it was awesome..                                                                         None of us wanted to leave:) it was great to be in company of friends and to be able to chat and unwind a little..

But there comes an end to everything and we all had to run and be in places.I had to run home and change to go to the M Collective store where Anonyme designers held their presentation party...To accompany me was my dear friend Salvatore...After alot of chatting and a drink we went back to the centre to the Persol event...                   That was absolutely incredible..It was situated in Palazzo Castiglioni...open for the first time to the public. Let me tell you the setting was gorgeous..It was like being on a movieset ...


The last day of the fashionweek was the most relaxed one for me..I actually was able to do some appointments during the day and waited for Filippa to come and pick me up in the evening.:)How chic is that?hahahhahha.Anyways we went to the 10year anniversary of Vogue China in collaboration with Huawei...It was a great party and absolutely everyone was there....After the party I changed into my Levi's gear but realised it was too late to go the event..:( I"ll be there next year..                                                      Anyway it was a great closure of the Milan Fashion Week.And now only sneakers for a week,hahhahaha..My feet need to rest.....Love B