#MFW 1

Hey everyone,
how are you all doing?
First of all I would like to apologize for not posting a lot lately, but it has been rather hectic..
Anyways as you all know it has been Milan Fashion Week and of course I have been around and about..
I just wanna show you a few pics of where I have been during that week, to give you a little idea of what I have been up to..
A big hug to you all

Lets start with the Vogues's fashion night out the day before the show week started..I attended (corso genova), the store of Daniele Giovani (a fabulous shoes store). And of course I met some lovelely friends such as Justine Mattera and Elenoire Casalegno and a selfie was an obvious must..I wore a vintage blouse and an Ultrachic skirt. Shoes by Giovanni Fabiani and bag by Azzurra Gronchi.

Fashion week started with real bad weather and it was raining all day but I obviously couldn't miss the MANGO event in corso Vittorio Emanuele..Kate Moss and Cara Delevigne were gonna be there..
Now let me tell you: soooo many people showed up..it was almost scary:) And people came from all over Italy to catch a glimpse of the 2 icons.
They only stayed for a minute or 2:( after that we couldn't get out of the store for about half an hour because the store was surrounded by fans..

After that I moved on to my first show of the week, Stella Jean, which was as always incredibly colourful..which was a nice distraction from the rain outside.
After the show I had to run to 2 appointments for work, and after that run home and get changed for the Anna rita-n event. After Anna Rita I moved on to Cesare Paciotti where I was happy to see many friends to have a nice drink with. I always forget to take photo's but was able to take the last pic from  Cecilia Capriotti's Instagram...

DAY 2.
The second day started first with some running to appointments to fetch some clothes:) and at 14:00 I was ready to attend the first show of that day...The Anteprima show...
I really enjoyed it..it seems though that transparency is the way to go for next summer..

After the show had a nice relaxed lunch, then changed and moved to the centre to attend the Cristiano Burani show

After that had a quick cup of coffee and changed again, this time to attend the new opening of Chiara Boni's first store in Milano.            Also there I met many friends like Justine Mattera, Natascha Stefanenko, and Simone Guidarelli, Amanda Lear and Nancy Brilli.

on day 3 I started by visiting the Herno event...
Now you have no idea of how gorgeous their entrance was..All with incredible lighting effects as if you where in some sort of fun park...
Absolutely stunning, just like their coats I guess;) i fell in love with (obviously) this striped long coat.

Then took the car and crossed town to meet up with a friend and move to the Coccinelle presentation where it was a real pleasure to admire their new collection while having a drink and eating some real cute colorfull cookies..From Coccinelle I went to see the presentation of the new shoe collection of Cori Amenta (whom I adore)

I changed outfit and met up with Ellen Hidding at the Serapian party..The secret garden..
It was absolutey stunning.... it seemed a fairytale.Their new bag collection was displayed in the trees..

Then together we went to the Pinko event whom in  collaboration with Italia Independent created a sunglasses line...
I have to say though that by that time my feet were absolutely killing me and begged Pinko to help me out and they did:) The rest of the evening I was able to finally be comfortable wearing a pair of Pinko's Shine baby Shine sneakers...And I have to admit that I have been wearing them the rest of the fw as well..
At Pinko it is always like coming home and I met some of my dearest friends there...
Ellen(we came together), Filippa Lagerback, Federica Fontana, Alena Seredova, Elena Barolo and many many more..All of us obviously dressed Pinko.

After the Pinko event I said goodbye to Ellen and went together with Filippa to Giorgio Grati, then Fili went her way and I went to my last event of the evening..The Winonah De Jong presentation... her first collection......She is a beautiful dutch It girl, blogger and the wife of soccerplayer Nigel e Jong , who ofcourse was there to support his beautiful wife..                       A stunning collection and proud of my fellow dutchie...It was a great closure of that day...